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arrested and handcuffed

Sometimes, you truly are a victim of circumstance. The Police show up and someone agrees to file a complaint or the police believe you might have committed a crime. The next thing you know your being handcuffed, photographed, and locked in a jail cell.

Often times the facts show that events unfolded in front of you that created a situation which could not be helped or avoided, other times your reaction was not as it should have been but it was not without provocation or merit. There is always the human element to every situation and it is often very helpful that the state and the judge are aware of all the facts surrounding every situation as it unfolded in its entirety.  

I find many common arrests are made because the police are just trying to arrest a situation that has developed leaving the courts and the lawyers to come to a proper solution.

These cases require a proper solution. I work hard for that outcome at an affordable price.

It would be impossible to go through all the different common arrests that are made on an ongoing basis by the police. Suffice it to say that arrests happen to the best of people in the worst of circumstances.

However I feel I should mention one that is especially common, the DUI statute cases. You go out to have a wonderful evening the next thing you know your car is being impounded. Maybe, you acted irresponsibly maybe, you did not realize you were impaired or maybe, you were not impaired and have been wrongfully or mistakenly arrested.

The Laws surrounding these cases have become very severe and your need for proper representation is absolutely critical. DUI laws seem to change yearly now and more and more misdemeannor cases being upgraded to felony cases under several different senarios. 

As a result of the slew of arrests which are now being made in this area of the law, DUI has and continues to be a particularly significant part of my practice. 

I will fight hard to make sure that a fair outcome is arrived at in your case based on the evidence or lack of evidence. Often times the facts surrounding the case can mitigate against the very harsh consequences you might possibly be facing. 

So, if you have been arrested for DUI. Call today and I will explain much of what is about to happen to you and your driving privleges. As two cases begin in a DUI arrest, one as a criminal matter before the court and the other as a civil proceeding brought by the secretary of state. You may need to fight both cases or just one.

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